Friends of Andre Sayegh

Friends of Andre Sayegh

Meet Team Sayegh

Farhanna Sayegh

First Lady, City Of Paterson

Friends of Andre Sayegh
Friends of Andre Sayegh

Farhanna Sayegh is an intuitive and results-oriented executive with 15 years of experience in marketing. Raised in Brooklyn, Farhanna worked in her father's grocery story where she learned the value of hard work and customer service at a young age. This foundation carried her through her BA at Drew University and MBA program at NYU into her professional career where she is continually optimizing the art and science of marketing.

Growing up in a multi-lingual household, attending schools with limited English proficient peers and working with multicultural colleagues, Farhanna is most passionate about uncovering cultural perspectives that influence how people live, work and play. She loves languages, speaks Bahasa Indonesia fluently, and spent 5 months in Belgium learning French and all about the European Union. To recognize and appreciate the values and viewpoints of others ensures people and businesses can ultimately improve communication and understanding.

Farhanna is currently the Multicultural Marketing Director for CQ fluency, a minority and woman-owned business enterprise (MWBE) helping many healthcare clients leverage cultural intelligence in communication. Her work helps them go beyond “checking a box” in accomplishing their translation needs and helps them leverage language to create a differential advantage.

Outside of her “day job,” Farhanna is a parent of three children, a sister to an NYPD sergeant and the First Lady of the City of Paterson for the past three years. As the wife of the Mayor of NJ’s third largest and most diverse city, she is an advocate for women and children at City Hall - currently focused on increasing parental involvement to increase early childhood literacy rates via public-private partnerships and the #PatersonReads grassroots marketing campaign. She enjoys building community among women throughout the City of Paterson - through fitness in her backyard and book reviews in her home or via Zoom. Farhanna has also been the PTO Vice President at Paterson Public Schools, was named “Parent of the Year” in 2019 and has been a proud volunteer for iMentor for over three years to assist a KIPP student graduate high school and kickoff college.

With a majority of CQ fluency's translation clients in the healthcare industry, Farhanna recognizes the importance of the linguists and project managers to break down language barriers that can compromise quality of care and patient safety. As the Multicultural Marketing Director, Farhanna ensures that the organization communicates in culturally relevant ways in the right channels to improve patient engagement, lower health costs and improve health outcomes. She also serves as a marketing committee member for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), where she enjoys the work to help further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare.

Farhanna has also led marketing and sales efforts at well-known brands within large organizations such as L'Oreal, Reckitt and Estee Lauder. At L’Oreal, she spent 7 years driving brand awareness and distribution for the Kiehl’s skincare brand, winning the hearts of not just female consumers, but also leading the growing men’s grooming segment. At Reckitt she helped increase household consumption of French’s Mustard and earn #1 spot in the hot sauce category for the Frank’s RedHot brand in Canada.

Winfield Jai

Campaign Manager

Friends of Andre Sayegh


Now With getting MPA on both Government Management and Healthcare Management, and 3 years of city working experiences, Winfield is ready to serve the society, but he would never stop from learning, to him, you and me, we can all be his teacher, and there is always something he can learn from not only us, but from this society, to make him a better person to achieve his dream of creating a world of harmony.

Sylvia Jauregui

Social Media Specialist

Friends of Andre Sayegh

Political Media Consultant, Journalist and Entrepreneur. Leading with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion! Sylvia is a bilingual professional communicator with extensive experience in Public Relations, Government Affairs, Digital & Traditional Media Creation, Management and Publishing. Presently she is the Press/Media Director and the Hispanic Outreach Director for the Passaic County Democratic Committee in New Jersey, United States.  Her professional experiences can help our team with campaign promotion marketing on Paterson Latino Populations on both media and social media.

Maria Del Pilar Rivas

Community Leader

Friends of Andre Sayegh

A proud mother of two children and grand mother of three. Pilar has been a Patersonians for 45 years.   Active community leader of many orgnizations such as the Taylor and Designer Association of New Jersey the Committee of Ladies of the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Paterson New Jersey, prestigious institution Peruvian Parade Inc., Peruvian American Political Action Committee.  As well an active political collaborator who worked on the campaigns of many candidates such as Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama past president of the United States; James McGreevey Frank Lautenberg,  Bob Melendez, and Bill Pascrell.

Pilar’s community networks will help our team with a better outreach with Paterson Latino Communities, helping our Latino Patersonians with better understanding of our Mayor Andre Sayegh.

Kriby Tan

Graphic Design Specialist

Friends of Andre Sayegh

Kirby Tan, majored in advertising graphic communication. 35 years models image manipulation in the fashion industry and product packaging design. Actively involved serving as a board and organizing Asian community, (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia) diaspora event since 1996.  New Jersey Chinese Community Leader who participated by answering Winfield’s call.

Kriby’s campaign experiences in Bergen County provides many valuable references in our campaign, his wonderful campaign graphic design skill and great special ability on campaign banner building is the best people can find in New Jersey.

Data Organizer

Rossy Gonzalez

Friends of Andre Sayegh
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Dominican American, a member that works for the Middlesex County Community Health Team and Passaic County Community College in the Adjunct Office, who is also a substitute for a Spanish teacher and a former reporter in a television show in the Dominican Republic. She has an Associate in Human Services and is doing a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Education and a minor in Psychology at Montclair State University. Experienced in other democratic campaigns in Passaic and Middlesex County, her campaign experiences are valuable to help us work with the Latino Patersonians.

Marita Pacheco


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Peruvian-American, Graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with Bachelor of Art in Individualized Studies , and Inca Garcilazo de la Vega University -Lima ,Perú with Bachelor’s Degree in Economics,Accounting and Finance.

She is a Patersonian who does not only thankful to Mayor Andre Sayegh’s achievement for Paterson, but also want to join our team to push his success further.

Amir H. Bastani Tehrani


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Iranian-American, bachelors in Political Science, minor in Public Health and in pursuit of a Masters in Public Policy and JD. Passionate about human rights and addressing the social inequities the exists in our community. Capable and hard working man in our campaign.  Amir has been an old friend of Paterson community, who always dedicate himself with volunteering for Paterson community, for another time, Amir joined our team, serving Mayor Sayegh with another victory!

Aniya Ahmmed


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Bengali-American, creative, passionate volunteer.  As a young and outgoing professional, Aniya is both ambitious and enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet and connect with new people.  As a real estate sales associate, she aims to use her experiences bring intention and dedication to our campaign and ensure that communication is thorough and sincere. Her commitment to excellence in communication, quality of service, and project management have enhanced her experience in the net work out reach and Real Estate industry.

Aniya’s networks on Bengali community and her clients helps our team in both campaign office set up and voting encouragement.

Sopiha Yeh


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Senior student at Tenafly High School and rising college freshmen intending to major in political science. Throughout high school, Sopiha has had an interest towards government and policy. She has worked for Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, representative of the 37th Legislative District of New Jersey, and OCA-New York, an Asian American/Pacific Islanders advocacy group, as the Programing and Membership Intern. In addition, she is an active volunteer through Girl Scouts and Center for Food Action Englewood. As a person who strives to foster positive change in society.

New generation of the New Jersey Young Democrats, Sopiha hopes she can contribute her hard works, not only help Mayor Sayegh to win his Re-election, but also can help her gaining more experiences on becoming a great future member of the NJYD East Asian Caucasus.

Yucheng Zhang


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Yucheng Zhang, oil painter, illustrator, art editor and curator.  Graduated from Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting.  Had many artistic publications when he was in China.  A professional designer who designed Mayor Sayegh’s early election poster.

Joined our campaign along with the New Jersey Chinese Community who answered Winfield’s call.  In hoping his art work will help our team with better  promotion.

Brigitte Ayme


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Patersonian for over 30 year, 16 years of supervisor experiences in Kohl’s.  She loves Paterson as much as many Patersonian does, this time, she wants to help her city by helping Mayor Andre Sayegh to achieve the Patersonian Dream!

Lucio Manuel Victoria


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Patersonian and Paterson business owner, Lucio has always been a supporter to Mayor Andre Sayegh.  This time,  he believes to use his action to prove it, and will like to see Mayor Sayegh to continue with another term.

Qin Mu


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Young man with great Chinese eloquence, specialized in community out reach and event organization, and innovation ideas.  Provide a great dedication for gathering Chinese Community support for our Campaign.

Dilon Kim


Friends of Andre Sayegh

Young Korean with great passion of helping people, hard working with selflessness, provides good Korean communication and translation as additional help to our campaign.


Hispanos Unidos

Friends of Andre Sayegh

Hispanos Unidos is a political and social organization that promotes political candidates, legislation, awareness, and welfare campaigns that promote stability, development, and empowerment of the Hispanic community.

As a Paterson organization, Hispanos Unidos wants to represent many of those Latino Patersonians who wants to support Mayor Andre Sayegh, they work as a group, helping our team with reaching to success.

United Movement of Paterson

Friends of Andre Sayegh

United Movement of Paterson is an political organization which created to empower Paterson community.Their goal is to participate in the process to keep bringing new ideas and be part of the of the process and decision making .

With participated in many other campaign in the past, this organization decide to support Mayor Andre Sayegh in the 2022 Paterson Mayoral election, with the help of their organization member, our team will be one step closer with Mayor Sayegh’s Victory.