Friends of Andre Sayegh

Friends of Andre Sayegh


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Friends of Andre Sayegh

Governor Murphy and I have been leading from the front during this pandemic. For the last two years our priority has been to protect our constituents from this deadly virus. Therefore, I am honored to receive his endorsement.

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I am honored to earn the endorsement of Senator Menendez, who has been a valued partner for the City of Paterson. His legislative advocacy on behalf of our residents is a true mark of leadership, and I am humbled by his support. I believe that at this important time in our city, collaboration at the federal level is essential. I look forward to our continued partnership as we support the city of Paterson in recovering from the pandemic.


I would like to wish U.S. Senator Cory Booker a happybirthday. He is one of the most prominent leaders in our country. He has been steadfast as an ally in my vision for Paterson's future, and his support reflects his commitment to making sure that Paterson succeeds. I am honored to receive his endorsement.


I am humbled and honored to have the endorsement of Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.. Congressman Pascrell has been an incredible fighter for the City of Paterson, and I would be privileged to continue working with him. Congressman Pascrell knows how much this election means for us to continue the progress in Paterson.


I’m honored to have the support of Jane Williams-Warren. It was Mayor Jane Williams-Warren who we entrusted to restore integrity to City Hall in the wake of a massive public corruption scandal. She served with the same dignity and professionalism we saw during her tenure as City Clerk, and was also instrumental in our COVID-19 response, acting as an important community voice for people to get tested and vaccinated. I’m proud to follow in her footsteps and have worked hard to live up to her example. We need to continue our progress, so please, join Jane and I in voting #1A for Mayor on May 10th.


I am honored to receive the support of a remarkable public servant like Bill McKoy. He is a trusted leader in our community, and I look forward to making Paterson stronger together!


I am proud to have worked alongside Councilman Rivera on many issues. He knows that Paterson has made progress in becoming more self-sufficient and staying on the path of financial responsibility. I am encouraged by his support to move the City forward.


I am thrilled to receive the endorsement of Councilman Al Abdelaziz. Al has been a great partner to me in moving our city forward. He is someone I know I can count on and his support is a tremendous boost to my re-election campaign.


With his five decades of service as a business administrator, purchasing director, and deputy director of human services, Eli Burgos understands Paterson Government through and through. He has always immersed himself in service to our city, and I am honored to have his support.


I am extremely proud to receive the endorsement from my colleagues at the Passaic Board of County Commissioners. I am honored that they trust me to continue leading Paterson. We need to keep moving forward and build on the progress we have made for the city. I look forward to continuing working with them in my second term.


I am humbled by this honor bestowed upon me by Rutgers University. Senator Lautenberg was a legendary Patersonian who made our city proud.


Many of the benefits we enjoy today originated from our union brothers and sisters. As more employees begin to unionize across the country, let us never take for granted the role labor plays in our State and City. I am truly humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of the CWA.