Changes Needed On City Budgeting

Regarding "Paterson facing critical budget decisions" (Our View, Nov. 29):Now that the battle over the temporary budget appropriation is over, our focus should be on identifying both short- and long-term solutions to reduce spending in the city. Paterson's budget has been a runaway train for too long and we must get it back on the tracks.

One immediate action that can cut down on our costs is to restructure our debt. We should cancel any obligations that are unnecessary and only fund items pertaining to health, safety and well-being. Moreover, another recommendation is to eliminate any positions that have not been filled in six months or longer. I believe that switching from operating on a fiscal year to a calendar year budget would also be a benefit, especially from an accounting standpoint. Our budgets are typically adopted almost seven months into the fiscal year, which leaves us very little room to reduce spending.

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Via NorthJersey.Com, Letter To The Editor (Herald News)

Revenue, quality of life go hand in hand

"Now that the voters have decisively defeated the public question relative to the recreation tax, we must find ways to raise revenue for our city's cash-starved coffers without raising taxes. Consequently, I have prepared a comprehensive revenue enhancement plan to address the aforementioned issue.

Part of the plan deals with abandoned properties. I introduced and sponsored the original ordinance calling for the creation of an abandoned-properties list to incentivize investment, but sadly, there has been very minimal progress made."


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Via; "The Record: A levy is a tax"

"THE RECREATION tax levy that will be put before Paterson voters Tuesday in the form of a ballot referendum may be well-intentioned, but it represents a burden the city’s taxpayers just can’t sustain right now. No good citizen would see the city’s young people denied the best in recreational facilities or park space, but this question represents one tax too many for residents who have been hit time and again with increases over the past several years."

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"No New Tax" Forum

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Gilmore Memorial Preschool: Open Registation For September (UPDATED)

Dear Friends,

Don't forget to tell your loved ones that registration for the NEW Gilmore Memorial Preschool is open July 14 & 15. For any further questions please refer to the flyer below.


Thank you again.

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A Victory For Decency

Nearly five years ago, The Lava Lounge opened up in quiet, working class area in South Paterson and quickly became a neighborhood nuisance. Billed as a night club for young adults to congregate, hastily succumbed to; excessively loud music, constant loitering, littering, and heaps of lewd acts. This establishment posed a threat as it continued to comprise the quality of life for the residents of South Paterson. 

After losing countless nights of sleep, the neighbors contacted Paterson Councilman Andre Sayegh and swiftly decisive action was taken. With a clear goal in mind, Councilman Sayegh rallied the residents against the notorious night club, and brought forth an end to The Lava Lounge. Sadly, after years of peace and tranquility, The Lava Lounge surreptitiously reopened under the guise of a restaurant called the Dubai Lounge. After demonstrating that the new establishment was no different than its nefarious predecessor, Councilman Sayegh mobilized the members of the community once more, and the lounge was shut down.

Notwithstanding, The Councilman realized that unless he could find a more noble tenant for the property, another Lava Lounge could resurface. In order to avoid a repeat of the indecency, Councilman Sayegh reached out to a fellow Patersonian and preschool administrator, Dr. Brenda Belmont, if she would be interested in establishing a preschool at the previous site of the aforementioned nigh clubs. After she agreed, the two collaborated as a team. They partnered with the Paterson Public Schools to establish a preschool for the underserved 3 to 4 year old population living in South Paterson.

Thanks to the concerned constituents, the fire department, police department, the health department, the Paterson Public Schools and the Belmont family, the neighborhood can finally claim a victory for decency!


You can read more about it here:



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Ayer recibí los endosos del congresista Bill Pascrell, el asambleísta Benjie Wimberly, Passaic Condado Alguacil Richard Berdnik y varios otros funcionarios electos prominentes en mi campaña para convertirse en el próximo alcalde de Paterson. Me siento verdaderamente honrado y emocionado de recibir su apoyo y juntos, junto con usted, vamos a seguir adelante como un solo pueblo con un mismo propósito por una Paterson. Por favor, únase a nuestra campaña hoy mismo! Día de las Elecciones - Martes 13 de Mayo - ya casi está aquí.

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Yesterday, I received the endorsements of Congressman Bill Pascrell, Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly, Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik and several other prominent elected officials in my campaign to become the next Mayor of Paterson.  I am truly humbled and thrilled to receive their support and together, along with you, we will move forward as one people with one purpose for one Paterson.  Please click below to read more.

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The Record rips former Mayor Torres and Mayor Jones

Check this out!  The Record takes Mayor Jeffrey Jones to task for his administration's incompetence and rips Mayor Joey Torres for the $74,000 severance payment he gave himself.  It's time for a change.  Read why here:

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We have a strong advocate in Congressman Pascrell.

Hinchliffe Stadium

Federal hearing on bill to make Hinchliffe Stadium part of Paterson’s National Park

See more at  North


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